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Introducing the revolutionary suitcase with integrated shelves.

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“Game Changer: Genius Suitcase Has Built-In Shelves”

“Is This the Most Efficient Suitcase Ever?”

“Is this the best suitcase ever?”

“A Suitcase Designed for Efficient Packing”

As easy as…

Step 1: Unzip Shelfpack


Step 2: Lift the support

Raise the Supports

Step 3: Raise Shelfpack's shelves

Lift the Shelves

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Winner: International Travel Goods Show 2015

From the TGA “Travel Goods Showcase” magazine, Summer 2015:

“The Buzz Award is The Show’s crowd-sourced trophy, voted on by attending retailers and media. It can only be awarded to brand new items, as the ballot is restricted to items from the New Product Pavilion (which was the biggest ever this year, at more than 120 items.)

“This year’s win didn’t just go to a new product – it went to a brand new company as well. ShelfPack by McKaba Luggage garnered more kudos than any other item. Voters were intrigued by its unique concept… Pack the shelves, lower them into the case, get to your destination, pop the shelves back up and you’re unpacked. It’s really that simple. And that novel.”

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