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This genius suitcase that folds out into shelves means you’ll never have to unpack on holds again

Shelfpack Suitcase Conceals Its Own Shelves


I bought a Shelf Pack about a month ago to use on my 2 week trip to India… I think this is an amazing product I was proud to show off to fellow travelers… I think you have a phenomenal product and it was a real game changer for my India trip. Happy to be able to show this off all over the world. You have an extraordinary product of which you must be so proud… Congratulations and many thanks Ken. bravo!

Jeff via Facebook

Got a full week worth of clothes in easily!

Jeff via Facebook

Hi! I love your product. I recently had to fly a 4 day trip to Australia for a family wedding (3 formal outfits, plus heels, plus my boyfriend’s suit, etc), and this luggage saved me so much effort packing and unpacking. For once, I’m organized!!!!! Truly a miracle. … Anyway, people in my family have put in requests for these already for Christmas presents!! 🙂

Jona Weinhofen, on tour with his band ‘I killed the prom queen’, at the Blue Lagoon Hotel, Iceland.

Jona Weinhofen, on tour with his band ‘I killed the prom queen’, at the Blue Lagoon Hotel, Iceland.

My traveling has been revolutionised thanks to ShelfPack.

Jona Weinhofen

Would just like to let you know that I have received my ShelfPack  And it is ausom [sic]

I just used the case and was very pleased. I want to buy another one.

Mrs. Michigan 2015 with her ShelfPack

Mrs. Michigan 2015 with her ShelfPack

I’m on the road more than I’m home and I’ve found this suitcase to be a life saver. No more digging to find things. No more wrinkled beyond recognition gowns. Everything fits PERFECT and I can even leave staple items on their shelves and I’m ready for the next adventure. I get so many questions about my bag and I am happy to show how it works! What an AWESOME invention for people like me!

Thank you!

Shaylett Stuckey, Mrs Michigan America 2015

OMG I LOVE THIS CASE!!!! I just got back from my trip and it worked great!! I LOVE IT!! Congrats on this Awesome invention!

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