Ken McKaba with Shelfpack

The Story

I’m Ken McKaba.

I’ve been a software engineer my whole life. I got a degree in business and co-founded a small successful software company.

I dreamed up the ShelfPack while I was on a long business trip, digging through my luggage day after day. I envisioned shelves to make the contents of my luggage easier to see and more accessible.

Shelfpack Prototypes
Some early prototypes
The idea really intrigued me and at home I started tinkering with it, dismantling old luggage for parts and even sewing shelves myself.

I experimented with multiple variations and took the prototypes I made on business and family trips. I lent them to friends for their trips and my wife traveled through Europe with it. The idea evolved and improved.

With encouragement from friends and family, I found someone to make them for me, a well-established luggage source that has built products for many major brands.

Shelfpack: Winner of the 2015 International Travel Goods Show Buzz Award
Receiving the Buzz Award
I got a small booth at the 2015 International Travel Goods Show in Las Vegas and unveiled the ShelfPack. It created quite a stir. The show had hundreds of booths, all the major brands, and thousands of products. I was thrilled when the ShelfPack won the ‘Buzz’ award for the best new product of the year.

Since then, there has been national press coverage from Travel + Leisure, Yahoo! Travel, the Travel Channel, CNBC and more. Distributors, catalogs and stores are lining up to carry it.

There hasn’t been a major innovation in luggage since rolling luggage came along in the 1980’s. Be among the first to own the ShelfPack: Luggage with Collapsible Shelves.

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